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1. General


1.1 Introduction. These general terms and conditions defined in this text as "Terms and Conditions" regulate the usage of games and play provided through If you are betting on sports, these terms apply in addition to the General Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Your acceptance. You must read and understand these Terms and Conditions fully before using the Website. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to use or continue to use the Website. These Terms and Conditions become applicable when you register at the Website. By continuing to use the Website, you signify that you agree with these Terms and Conditions as updated from time to time.

1.3 Languages. These Terms and Conditions may be published in several languages, reflecting the same principles, for information purposes, and to help Players. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the non-English version of these Terms and Conditions, the version more favorable to you shall prevail.

1.4 Game Rules. The Games available on the Website have different rules, which can be found in the actual Game, and you must always play the Games in line with any special rules that apply to each Game. You will also find generic rules for different types of games on the Website.


Intellectual property and acceptable use


Purpose - This Policy sets out the rules which apply to use of our Services, including your responsibilities, and permitted and prohibited uses of those Services. Compliance with this Policy ensures you may continue to enjoy and allow others to enjoy optimum use of our Services. 

As a marketing platform, we feel it’s our responsibility to be extra vigilant in preventing abuse of our services to protect both our customers and their contacts. It’s also in our best interest to keep the platform clean because our reputation and deliverability depend on it. For that reason, we provide, and may update from time to time, articles outlining best practices in our knowledge base. For example, we offer guidelines about audience permission and best practices.


You agree not to:


Interfere or attempt to interfere in any manner with the functionality or proper working of the Offerings;

Breach or otherwise bypass any security or authentication measures of the Offerings; 

Transmit into or use with the Offerings any of the following: viruses, malware, malicious or destructive code, or any other routine, device, or other undisclosed feature (e.g., so-called time bomb, software lock, drop dead device, malicious logic, worm, Trojan horse, or trap, back door, or software routine) that either interferes with or otherwise harms or provides unauthorized access or causes unauthorized modifications to the Offerings;

Distribute content that interferes with or otherwise harms or provides unauthorized access or causes unauthorized modifications to the operation of any Smartsheet or related third-party networks, servers, or other infrastructure;

Use any robot, spider, data scraping or extraction tool, or similar mechanism in the Offerings; 

Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, attempt to gain unauthorized access to, or attempt to discover the underlying source code or structure of, the Offerings, best-game-at-casino work product, or the technology and software used to provide them, and all intellectual property and proprietary rights therein; or

Access, use, or otherwise exploit the Offerings for purposes of competing with or disparaging the Offerings, including but not limited to benchmarking, monitoring availability, performance, or functionality, or conducting competitive analysis;

Commercially sell, resell, license, sublicense, distribute, or frame the Offerings to a third party unless authorized by Us in writing; or

Access, use, or test portions of the Offerings that Smartsheet has not authorized You to access, use, or test. 


Your Obligations


Your age. You confirm that you are over 18 years or such higher age that may apply under the laws in the jurisdiction of your residence. It is your sole responsibility to know the age at which gambling is legal in your country of residence.

Personal entertainment. You may participate in the Games strictly in your personal non-professional capacity, on your own behalf and not on the behalf of any other person or company. You may only participate in the Games for recreation and entertainment purposes, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, together with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Any participation in the Games by a corporate player or for commercial purposes is prohibited unless we have entered into a separate written agreement for such purpose.

Gambling problems. You may not participate in the Games if you are a problem gambler, has self-excluded or closed yourself from any of our other brands (caused by gambling problems), and/or if you are included (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) in any register or database of players with gambling issues.

Legality. Gambling may be illegal in the country in which you are located or residing. Our intention is not to enable you to contravene any laws applicable. You are responsible for ensuring that you are permitted to play the Games in the country you are accessing them from. We prohibit access for persons located temporarily or persistently in, or residents of, certain jurisdictions. For the avoidance of doubt, registration from countries that do not feature on the dropdown options available at registration stage, is strictly prohibited.

Correct information. You confirm that all information that you give us is complete, true, correct, and that you will immediately notify us changes of such information or change such details yourself on the Website.

Risk of losing. You understand that by playing Games provided by us, you take the risk of losing money deposited into your account.

Illegal activities. You shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to your or third parties’ participation in any of the Games and shall not use any software-assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices for your participation in any of the Games. You may not use funds that are associated with any illegality or originate from any illegal activity or source. You may not sell, transfer and/or acquire accounts to/from other players.

The use of VPN/Proxy/TOR to hide your identity and location when logging onto our website is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to confiscate any winnings, cancel all bonuses, and terminate the player account if any VPN/Proxy/TOR has been used.