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Top o’ the morning to ya! Spin the reels alongside Pupkin, the legendary Leprechaun, in mFortune latest Irish slots game Legend’s Luck. This game has it all: free spins with added bonuses, wonderful Wild symbols, and a Spin the Wheel mini-game with massive multipliers!

But there’s even more gold at the end of this rainbow! As mFortune’s Game of the Month, the first time you play Legend’s Luck during the promotional period you could receive up to 40 Free Spins*! Want more sham-rockin’ bonuses? How about up to £10 free** as a no deposit Welcome Bonus! New players can claim this casino reward by signing up and creating their first account.


Pupkin’s Free Spins and Spin the Wheel Bonuses

Spin in 3 Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels to access Pupkin’s Wheels of Fortune! The wheels are able to be spun and each contains various multipliers! You will receive the total multiplier across all of these wheels, and could earn a bonus of up to 320x your bet-per-line! But wait – there’s more! Each segment on all 3 wheels has one of three colours, and if the colours are matching across the three wheels, Pupkin will present you with a choice – do you collect your current prize or take a single spin at his ultimate reel, with up to 30 free spins up for grabs!

Pupkin’s generosity doesn’t end there. While in Free Spins mode, there are an additional 4 bonuses up for grabs! Free Spins symbols turn into mystery symbols, and if you spin in one of these, you will be awarded one of the 4 available bonuses! These bonuses include a magnificent multiplier applied to all wins in free spins mode, additional free spins, even free re-spins, and even a symbol upgrade!

Remember, you can get up to 40 Free Spins* on Legend’s Luck the first time you play during the promotional period.


Why Do Casinos Use the Number 7 for Slots?

The foremost reason why slots use 7 so often at casinos is due to its positive association where some may consider it to be ‘lucky’. That’s why the numbers 777 are used so often by casinos to mark the win of a jackpot.

There are many historical and mythical reasons as to why the number 7 is used in slots, and many of them come from a perceived notion that the number 7 has more to its meaning. Considered in the context of everyday life, there are 7 days in a week, there are 7 wonders of the world, 7 continents, 7 seas, and 7 colours in the rainbow, with the list going on and on. On a more particular note, the number 7 is considered a prominent number in many cultures. An example of this would be the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seventh Heaven. Although, there are many more philosophies and beliefs regarding the number 7, but I’m sure you get the picture.

So, is there more to the number 7 than just its historical value? Well, according to Newcastle University, when they conducted their experiment of ‘What is your favourite number and why?’ the most popular number was seven (chosen by a whopping 442 people!). A psychologist by the name of George A Miller has also said that the ‘magic number 7, plus or minus two,’ is the most people can seem to retain in their short-term memory. It may be more than just a coincidence as to why the number appears so often.

Despite these worldly questions, many casinos will utilise the number 7 due to its popular link to onlin slots, with many games using the triple ‘777’ as a marker for a high prize. At mFortune, our latest Game of the Month* uses the classic 7 slots symbol for its latest game…

What is Big 7 Slots?

Reminiscent of the neon lights of Vegas, Big 7 Slots is the latest classic casino game to make its way to mFortune as the Game of the Month*. On this 15 locked Win Line game, all you need is a minimum of 3 matching symbols on a Win Line for a chance to get some big wins and multiply your bet. An example of this would be spinning in ‘777’ across a Win Line for a prize!

Spin the reels of this classic ‘7s’ casino slot and you could multiply your bet by up to x400 or get up to 30 Free Spins! The current Game of the Month has a new take on using the time-old online slots of the ‘7’ casino symbol and making it into a unique experience for the players.


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